This stone effect stoneware collection offers a Taste of Sicily. The Modica stone is a limestone extracted from the area of the Iblei mountains in Sicily and takes its name from the town of the same name. Its dominant colours are naturally light, passing gradually from white with grey hues to warmer beige colours. Modica by Coem recaptures both the appearance and colours of the Sicilian rock. Its very delicate texture and pattern makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. Coem broadens its vision and changes perspective by enriching the project with two new and unconventional interpretations of the material: the first is “toned down” to adapt to more refined and minimalist indoor and outdoor environments, while the second has a more “stone-like” appearance to better capture the original atmosphere of the traditional indoor and outdoor architecture of Modica.


Размер: 75x149,7 75x75 60x90 30x90 20x90

Марка: Coem


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