Creating continuous movements, themes and harmonies of structures, lines, designs and colours, with a modern and elegant visual musicality. This is METROCHIC: a white body collection designed to create countless wall games with white three-dimensional structures - in hollow circles, intertwining structures and embroidery. One graphic and decorative wallpaper pattern, even cementine floor tiles developed in 45 different subjects - all in shades of grey and metropolitan vintage flavour. One plain colour satin brick, one stitched-fabric effect - a relief decorated mini-chevron and mini-mosaic. Based on two concrete-effect grey plain tiles - a light one and a darker one -, neutral and aesthetically immaculate, combined with a matching porcelain floor, the collection shows its aesthetic refinement with styles, shapes, colour and geometric patterns from the past tailored to the taste of contemporary design.


Размер: 28X32,5 2X25 45X45 1,5X25 7,3X30 20X20 30X30 25X75

Марка: Sant'Agostino


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