Combining a desire for transgression with the need to set new trends, this design brings Carnaby Street and via Vittorio Veneto together in a previously inconceivable encounter between the Swinging Sixties and ceramics. A dive into the past or a leap into the future? This is the atmosphere that has inspired the creative concept behind ‘Let it bee’, an explosive ceramic collection with a 12x18 cm tile format and fashionable colour range that creates eye-openingly contemporary combinations of plain and half-moon and circle decorated tiles that add real character to strictly monochrome walls. And how better could Let it bee evoke the concept of ‘people’, the street, casual encounters and cultural vitality than by creating a kind of ideological poster in the form of a 150 piece, 120x270 cm panel, depicting faceless silhouettes that alternate with vertical beams of the same bright colours that make up the range. There is a challenge here too! To use this collection not just in bathrooms or kitchens, but also in non-residential and unconventional contexts, where tiles are required to furnish rather than merely decorate.


Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: Imola


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Цена по запитване


Цена по запитване


Цена по запитване