Bowl talks about beauty. Conceived as a piece of jewelry, persecute preciousness in every little detail that makes each object. In shape dimension, the collection is inspired by the harmony and contrast between forms, volumes, spaces and materials. The mixture that generates the purity of white as thin metal pieces and marble details, reinforces the idea of ​​a precious and care element. The juxtaposition of this contrast and the living space, draw an elegant fine contour line around the objects and products as negative and positive spaces created that define the shape as in typography.

The collection is wide and follows the need of all use where common denominators of the design characteristics transit from one form to the other and from one typology to the other. This collection is a landscape of standalone and small combinations of products to equip with functional, exclusive and contemporary elements. Washbasin piece is made in Ceramilux®.


Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: Inbani


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Inbani | Colletions | Structure

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Inbani | Colletions | Fluent

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AGAPE | Cabinets — Monolith

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Inbani | Colletions | Origin

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