The “tailoring” of Ceramica Sant’Agostino - the pioneering company and leader of this current trend in ceramic surfaces through the unique and original collections DIGITALART and TAILORART already on the market - is completed with FINEART, one more innovative fabric porcelain collection, made with the ultimate generation of digital printing technique and a light three-dimensional structure. The fine texture, the soft tones and delicate melange, the small sizes such as the 20x20 - 8"x8", the sophisticated and moderate decorations, give this collection an elegant and reassuring flavor, with a sophisticated and versatile design that is tailormade to any domestic space, as well as to all the solutions in the small business area, including, in particular, hotellerie and retail.


Размер: 30x60 60x60 20x20 90X90

Марка: Sant'Agostino


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