Agglotech’s terrazzo is an elegant and, above all, technologically innovative cladding solution for surfaces of all sizes.

This terrazzo external wall covering is, without doubt, one of the applications in which AGGLOTECH terrazzo best shows off its technical superiority.

Having been used in a great many projects, including cladding for entire corporate headquarters and a range of other multi-floor buildings, Agglotech terrazzo has proven to be an excellent solution that combines quality design and a vast range of colors with technical standards that only a material like terrazzo can provide.


Размер: 250/142/2 cm 52kg/m² - 30/30/2cm – 60/30/2cm – 40/40/2cm – 60/40/2cm – 60/60/2cm

Материал: terrazzo

Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: Agglotech


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