The manufacture of terracotta is one of the oldest forms of craftsmanship in the world, perpetuating itself with the same modalities for millennia. Terra proposes this tradition, made of pure material, revisiting it with flair and originality.

The marks on the surface look like those of a beaten earth, with the most lucid parts caused by the passing of life and time. Terra becomes the perfect union between the taste of the 'antique' flavor and the fascination of experimentation with the development of nuances capable of giving this project a strongly contemporary, highly appealing connotation.

On the one hand the warm, browned, deep, tradition-related colors, such as ocher and red; on the other hand, the colder colors such as silver and an extremely original shade like Prussian blue are contrasted.

Terra, in colored body porcelain stoneware, is presented to the market both with the 90x90 cm and 60x120 cm and 60x60 cm formats, for solutions both for the floor and for the covering, versatile in use and taste.

Terra, an original proposal, where inspiration finds its maximum fulfillment in uniting the Oro project with its colored surfaces, a collection of 4 marbles, of great character and peculiarity. A stylistic result without equal, unconventional, but at the same time authentic and of great value.


Размер: Available in different sizes

Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: La Faenza Ceramica

Цвят: Available in variety of colors


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