Here, two different starting points, stone and concrete, have been combined to create a highly original and expertly amalgamated aesthetic and graphic mixture. The resulting style is both gentle and strong, which makes it ideal for anyone looking for a subtle stone solution or an original concrete effect. Stoncrete stands out for its accurate colour research that is expressed in chromatic rhythms that range from camargue and silver to shades of grey and dark grey. There are four different tones and four different formats available in both a natural and an R11 outdoor version to create full design continuity: 60x120 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm and 90x90 cm. The Stoncrete range is completed with original creative proposals like the transversal striped background in the 60x120 cm format and the background with small, embossed geometrical elements in matching colours, in the 90x90 cm format. Stoncrete is deliberately positioned in a multiple taste area that includes both stone and concrete, in order to meet different style requirements. This makes it a solution that can adapt to a wide range of residential and non-residential contexts as well as guaranteeing complete continuity between indoors and outdoors.


Размер: Available in different sizes

Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: Imola


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