Gold as a synonym for precious material. Gold as inspiration for refined materials.
Gold as a ceramic project that takes its cue from the wonders of nature and interprets four.

The AGATA from PIZZO BLU , of South American origin, whose name takes shape from the design of the striations that seem to form a delicate lace. In nature this agate is semi-transparent, with large bands ranging from white to blue with different shades.

OCEAN BLUE , a spectacular onyx from Central Asia, where every gap is a masterpiece. Shades of gray / dark blue mix with surfaces from blue to white, imbued here and there with ocher and golden colors.

In Sicily, IVORY CREAM is extracted. It is a material that belongs to the marfil cream family, compared to which it is brighter and with an ivory (not yellowish) color, and is characterized by thin rust-colored veins.

From the heights of Asia Minor comes ILLUSION BRONZE . Its peculiar aesthetic deludes the observer almost as if he were looking at a marble that was not real but painted. Its accentuated veins range from brown to beige and from bronze to blue gray.

Gold is proposed in the new 90x180 cm format and in the classic 90x90 cm version in glossy honed version and in the 60x120 cm and 60x60 cm format both in the natural version, with a non-homogeneous surface, and in the polished lapped version. THEthe Oro project, strongly diversified in the proposal, dialogues harmoniously with Terra, a revisited terracotta with an antique flavor, in four trendy colors.


Размер: Available in different sizes

Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: La Faenza Ceramica

Цвят: Available in variety of colors


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