Grecale is distinguished by a fine texture of stone. The cool wind of the Mediterranean that blows from the northeast, cause of sedimentation and erosion over the course of millennia, is the inspiration for a texture dotted by light and dark spots that blend together creating surfaces with a uniform colour. Suitable for modern and minimalist environments, the collection is available in many rectangular or square sizes with honed and soft finishes.

The five natural shades (Ghiaccio – ice , Acciaio – steel, Grafite – graphite , Fango – gray-brown and Sabbia – sand) combine with the two decorations: Hologram features laser engravings that produce a light design, more or less perceptible depending on the inclination of the surface, while Kite has a very subtle but defined geometric pattern. The series is completed by the Penta mosaic with its irregular shapes, and the 3D wall tile that alternates different heights and has shiny and textured parts.


Размер: 75x150/75x75/60x60/30x60

Марка: Refin


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Nordik Stone

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Blue savoy.

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