Roto washbasin laquered green with Square mixer tap.

Roto, 2003 - Benedini Associati , Maurizio Negri

The Roto washbasin has a striking yet well-balanced goblet shape. Made of polyethylene in white, orange, green or grey with gloss lacquer finish. The material used and the rotomoulding technology enable the Roto washbasin to be moulded in one piece, emphasizing the purity of its lines.
Dimensions: cm 55,2 x 90h x 47,6d - 21"3/4 x 35"3/8 x 18"3/4
Weight: 7 kg - 15 lbs

Selezione ADI Design Index 2005


Доставка (седмици): 4 - 6

Марка: Agape


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